The Company

Happy business team with arms crossed at the office

Who Are We?

Enjay Debt Management is a trading style of Enjay Limited which was founded in 2008 and we have helped thousands of people with debt issues.

Our advisors will deal with your situation in complete confidence and offer advice to consider without any obligation.

Our Advisers

Our advisors have over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry and work closely with the creditors to obtain the best possible solution for our customers. Many of our customers are either finding it increasingly difficult in meeting their payments to their creditors or have fallen behind. They then receive calls from them and letters threatening possible legal action. In some cases the debts are sold to outside agencies for collection. At Enjay we can deal with your creditors in all these circumstances and arrange affordable payments that are acceptable to both you and them.

We Take Care

We at Enjay understand that circumstances such as the loss of a job, a family bereavement, a break-up of a relationship or just too many creditors to pay can put anyone into financial hardship. At Enjay we are totally committed to the improvement in the standard of your day-to-day living and always act in a professional and honest manner when dealing with you and your creditors.

Putting You In Control

Enjay will conduct a review of your financial circumstances in order to help you find the most appropriate debt solution for your personal needs. If a Debt Management Plan is the most suitable option, your personal advisor will always be available and help by:

  • Agreeing an affordable monthly payment
  • Dealing with your creditors on your behalf
  • Negotiating to try to freeze or reduce interest and charges
  • Giving you the assurance you have an experienced professional team on your side.

Enjay will assist you in solving your debt issues and help put you back in control.

Enjay Debt Management – We take pride in our work!