“Thank-you so much for your service. I wish I had come to you six months ago. I no longer receive threatening calls or letters from creditors and all balances are now reducing.”
– Miss U George
“Your excellent service has allowed me to make just one affordable monthly payment to you. I have been able to get on with my life knowing that my debts are being dealt with.”
– M Saunders
“Being Self-employed means I am never quite sure how much I will be earning from month to month. But after speaking to John at Enjay he assured me I would only pay what I really could afford each month. Within a few weeks the letters and calls from my creditors stopped and all the charges and interest had been frozen. John even managed to get me a refund with some of my creditors where he thought they had over charged me. I am now able to run my business without the worry of being constantly harassed knowing my balances are reducing every month. I can’t thank Enjay enough for how much they have improved my day-to-day life. I am happy to give this testimonial.”
– Miss Crowe
“I was on the brink of losing my home when I approached Enjay. Along with unsecured debts I had a secured loan and they were in the process of repossessing my house. Although Enjay advised me they deal with unsecured debts they also contacted the company who held the secured loan and negotiated with them on my behalf to accept a payment offer. After six months this company agreed to capitalise my arrears, agree an affordable monthly payment and bring my account up-to-date. Along with saving me from losing my home Enjay also reduced the payments with all my unsecured credit and had all the interest frozen. I would recommend Enjay to anyone experiencing financial issues, they go that extra mile and make sure customer satisfaction is always met. “
– Miss McEwen
“I had multiple credit cards that were all in arrears with high balances. I am medically retired and could not afford to make the payments each month. I was avoiding the debt and the stress and worry was making my heart condition worse. Enjay reduced my payments to an affordable amount which I paid to them each month. They negotiated with my creditors and froze all the interest and charges. My balances and stress levels have reduced dramatically and I can’t thank Enjay enough. “
– Mr Bruce
“I had taken credit with numerous credit cards and loans to help my children who were in financial difficulty but as I helped them with their debt I put myself into a position I could not cope with. When I contacted Enjay their advisor Greg told me to speak to my children first as they may be able to help. I explained to Greg that my children believed I had used my savings to help them and that they didn’t know I had put myself into debt so I didn’t want my children to become aware of my situation. Straight away Greg put my mind at ease and explained I could pay one affordable monthly payment each month direct to Enjay and they would pay my creditors on my behalf and freeze all the interest and charges. My balances are reducing, I don’t receive any calls from my creditors and if I do have a query I just contact Greg and within an hour he has resolved any issue I may have. Greg and Enjay offer a personal touch with their service you rarely see today and I would strongly advise anyone looking for help to contact them. “
– Miss Sadiq
“Thank you just doesn’t cut it, but you must know how…beyond grateful….I am. You have been patient and kind in every way. I will be in contact and never forget your help. “
– Mrs Brewer
“My rags to riches story is about to come about. My business partner and I are in the final stages of selling our business for £2.6 Million. Meeting you all those years ago certainly has affected where I am today so once again, thank you very very much.”
– Mr Connor