Payday Loan Debt

We deal with all Pay Day Loan companies.

Payday loans are one of the fastest growing industries in the UK today and have made considerable profits from the thousands of customers they have acquired during the recession. A Payday loan may initially seem like a good solution to a problem when you find yourself short one month but can soon spiral out of control if payments are not made.

Once you have applied for a Payday loan your contact details are kept and letters, emails & texts are sent to customers frequently to entice them into taking a further loan. Payday loan companies have made it quick and easy to obtain a loan and the temptation for customers can be too much resulting in loans being obtained whether they are needed or not. Many customers also take further Payday loans just to pay off interest charges on one they already have meaning the cycle continues and what was initially a quick fix to a small problem fast becomes a real issue. If a customer falls into arrears with a Payday loan, the excessive interest and charges along with the aggressive collecting practices adopted by these companies can cause extreme stress and financial hardship.

What we will do:

We work with you and your creditors to pay off your debts without having to take out another loan.

We work out an affordable monthly payment geared towards your personal circumstances. You only pay what you can afford each month and nothing more.

We negotiate with the Payday loan companies to reduce your payments and to freeze interest and charges.

We will take over all correspondence with them and stop the constant phone calls and texts that make each day unbearable.

Our effective Debt Management Plans have helped our customers become free of Payday Loan debt allowing them to concentrate on the things that really matter.

If the stress of having Payday loans is too much for you there is an affordable option. For free advice please contact us so we can help put you on the road to becoming debt free.

For further information and advice call our team on: 0800 6127958 or 01708 854200