Debt Management

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How It Works

Our Debt Management Plan assists people who are struggling to pay their installments to their creditors and clear their debts.

We work with you to assess how much you can afford to pay and then negotiate on your behalf, with your creditors a reduced payment plan. (Please see our Terms & Conditions for our Fees).

The main Advantages & Disadvantages of a Debt Management Plan are:


  • A single affordable monthly payment.
  • Flexibility. The plan is an informal arrangement with your creditors and your repayments can increase or decrease depending on your circumstances. You can also choose to switch to a legally binding agreement such as an IVA if your circumstances change.
  • If a lump sum becomes available to you, we can negotiate reduced settlement figures with some or all of your creditors.
  • Our request to creditors to stop interest and charges are always considered due to the long term relationship we have with them.
  • Priority household costs are taken into account before we calculate an affordable monthly payment plan. Bills such as Mortgage/Rent, Utility Bills, Council Tax, Food, Clothing etc.. must remain affordable throughout the plan.
  • A team of Personal Advisors will be available to you to provide on-going help and support. If you have any queries or concerns we are always available to talk to and resolve any issues. Creditors can send letters or call direct and in these cases we always urge our clients to ask the creditors to contact us.


  • Reducing debt repayments means that the length of time to pay back your creditors will increase.
  • The total amount repaid may increase.
  • When you take out a debt management plan lenders may enter this information onto your credit file and they may issue a default notice.  A record of this will be held on your credit file for up to 6 years. This means that it may be harder and more costly to obtain credit in the future.
  • Debts such as mortgages and other secured loans, HP agreements, utility bills, fines, taxes and child support payments and arrears on utility and Council Tax bills cannot be included in the plan. You must maintain payments to these arrangements. Non-payment may result in repossession of, or eviction from, your home or loss of essential goods and services.
  • The plan is not legally binding with creditors as it is an informal arrangement. This means we cannot guarantee that the proposals will be accepted or interest and charges suspended.
  • We cannot guarantee that current or future legal action will be withdrawn.
  • Your agreed monthly payment proposals must be maintained as failure to make your payments could result in your creditors re-commencing collection or legal action. It is important that you keep in contact with us so that we know if you are experiencing difficulties in making our payments. We can then re-assess your situation and inform your creditors before any action is taken.
For further information and advice call our team on: 0800 6127958 or 01708 854200