Case Studies

Write Off Debts Without Going Bankrupt!!

Are you in poor health and have a number of creditors chasing you for payments owed? If so then Enjay may be able to have all your debts written off without going bankrupt.

We were contacted by a lady advising us that she had debts in excess of £41000.00 being 1 Loan, 2 Overdrafts & 1 Credit Card with Lloyds, a Credit Card with Halifax and a Marks & Spencers Store Card.

Our client was retired and advised us that she was of ill health and had been for some time. Our client then informed us that she had spoken to Step Change who advised her that her best option was to apply for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) at a cost of £3000.00. Our client did not want to use this option as she rented her property and did not want to risk losing her tenancy agreement as the IVA would have been reported on a public register.

We explained that although this option and Bankruptcy were available there was an option to request that her creditors write off all the balances as in our opinion our client was a Vulnerable Customer due to her health issues.

Our client sent us details of her medical history along with a supporting letter from her doctor and after updating details of her income and expenditure we sent letters to all her creditors with the supporting evidence and put in a request that all the debts be written off.

Within a month we had confirmation from all the creditors advising they would indeed write off all the balances totalling £41930.25.

Our client was extremely happy as this huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders at a fraction of the cost of an IVA. Although our service could not cure her illnesses our client informed us that knowing she no longer had these debts her outlook on life is much more positive.

We were also delighted when we received the following testimonial from our client:

“Thank you just doesn’t cut it, but you must know how…beyond grateful….I am. You have been patient and kind in every way. I WILL be in contact and never forget your help.”

– Mrs Brewer

If you believe your circumstances maybe similar or you would just like to talk about your debt situation then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your most suitable solution.

Payplan to Enjay

Our client started to use our services in October 2010 after paying Payplan for 28 months

Payplan are a free Debt Management Service

Our Client was paying them £617.60 each month and they were deducting £40.15pm for a Payment Protection Insurance should our client be off work for Accident, Sickness or Redundancy.

Our Client was on contract work so could not claim on this insurance.

While our client was with Payplan they paid a total of £17277.80

When our client started the plan with Payplan the total amount owed to the creditors was £48000.00.

When our client decided to stop using their services and use Enjay instead we found that in the 28 months they had been with Payplan the balance owed to the creditors had risen to over £58000.00.

With the payments made by our client and the £10000.00 rise in balances the cost to our client was £27277.80 while they were with Payplan.

How Did This Happen?

Payplan put arrangements in place at the beginning of the plan but creditors only make arrangements for 6-12 months at any time.

When a plan expires the creditors write to the Debt Management company requesting a new payment plan. If a new proposal is not sent then interest and charges are added.

Our client was receiving statements from the creditors showing the balances increasing and when they queried this with Payplan they were told to ignore the letters and use the balances they had on their system.

Payplan use a system where their balances are estimated and obviously did not confirm the balances they had with the creditors.

New proposals were not sent so interest and charges were added.

How did Enjay Help?

As a fee charging company we are mindful of offering excellent customer service and our aim is to reduce the balances owed to creditors within an affordable monthly payment.

After we obtained the balances and found they had risen by £10000.00 we requested that all the interest and charges that had been applied while our client was with Payplan be removed and credited to the accounts.

After a couple of months of fighting this cause the creditors duly obliged and our client’s balances were reduced to the correct amounts.

Our client is still with us and extremely happy with our service. Their credit is paid monthly at an affordable amount and totally interest free.

Enjay v Nationwide

We had agreed an arrangement with Nationwide visa for over a year on behalf of our client who then contacted our office advising us that they had an ISA with a £40K balance with Nationwide and Nationwide had now Frozen the ISA and intended to take the funds from our client’s savings to pay off the balance on the visa card.

We contacted Nationwide and informed them that our client had a rare medical condition and the money was put into the ISA by our client’s parents for medical purposes in case of an emergency. The funds were not there as a result of savings but for a potential life-saving operation and medical treatment.

Nationwide insisted we produce a doctors letter to confirm our client’s medical condition. The letter was received and sent to Nationwide with a request to accept our payment arrangement and not use the funds from the ISA.

Nationwide then contacted our office advising Enjay they intended to start court proceedings against our client and would register a CCJ. They also insisted they would still freeze the ISA and would release funds for our client if they needed the operation.

We at Enjay totally disagreed with this arrangement and therefore wrote to Nationwide’s complaints department explaining the situation and also pointing out the fact Nationwide had agreed to our reduced payment plan for over a year before they decided to take action against our client. We also confirmed we would take our complaint to the Financial Ombudsman if our demands were not met.

Within five days of our complaint Nationwide contacted Enjay to advise the ISA account was no longer frozen and that our original reduced payment plan had been accepted. They also confirmed they would not be pursuing any legal action against our client.

We provided this service at no extra cost and our client was extremely happy with the outcome.