Our Debt Solutions & Services

At Enjay we understand that each person’s circumstances are different which is why we provide help with your debt situation in a number of ways. Our qualified advisers will assess your financial situation in detail so that we can recommend the most suitable solution to controlling your debt and giving you peace of mind. As well as assessing whether a Debt Management Plan is suitable we will also advise if there are other, more suitable options such as Bankruptcy, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, a Debt Relief Order, a Debt Administration Order or a Trust Deed.

If we agree that our Debt Management Plan is the best solution your Personal Advisor will provide on-going help and support, with regular reviews to make sure your Plan is still your best option.

Welcome To Enjay

Our Aim

Our advisors have a wealth of experience to help you every step of the way. We help manage your debts such as credit cards, unsecured loans, store cards and overdrafts. Our aim is to give you peace of mind and help ensure that you are not alone it what can be a stressful situation.

You may well feel that each month your payments to your creditors makes no difference to the balance you owe and late payment charges only make this worse. Our highly trained advisors will recommend the best solution for you.

A Plan to Suit You

Our expert advisers will not just provide a financial health check but will also find out why your situation has occurred and what effect it has had on you financially and emotionally. It is our belief that money issues are a major cause of stress and illness and our aim to find a ‘Plan to Suit You’ will not only help your financial wellbeing but will also help you personally too.


"Thank-you so much for your service. I wish I had come to you six months ago. I no longer receive threatening calls or letters from creditors and all balances are now reducing."
- Miss U George
"Your excellent service has allowed me to make just one affordable monthly payment to you. I have been able to get on with my life knowing that my debts are being dealt with"
- M Saunders

Free debt counselling, debt adjusting and providing of credit information services is available and you can find out more by contacting the Money Advice Service.